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SUBIR Eyelash&Eye Multi Balm Freebie Event (10 people)

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SUBIR Eyelash&Eye Multi Balm Freebie Event

We came back with an amazing free cosmetic event with **SUBIR**. This product is about 70$ on the market and you can use it for your eyelash and eye. 

FOR FREE for 10 people and 3 conditions to keep.

Females only (living in Korea)

Having more than 100 followers on Instagram

Being able to post a post with photos and hashtags regarding this product on Instagram

[ Post instruction ]

The content and description shall be more than 3 lines without certain forms. (Brief description on its feeling, function, and effect)

More than 3 photos including this product and your face should be uploaded.

   - E.g) Your face and the product in one photo, your face in another one, and the product in the last one

  1. The content and hashtags should be written in English.

   - Instagram ID : subir_lash_ (https://instagram.com/subir_lash_?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)

   - Hashtag : 3-5 hashtags including #SUBIR #EyelashMultiBam #Eyelash

* How to apply : https://forms.gle/kKjVBfJU8N1jySRc8 *

We will come back again with our helpful information and upcoming events.

Enjoy Korea with us,



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