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Remote 2023 Basic Korean Master Class (ONLY 100 USD)

Online classes
From 10:00 23:00




*Global E&S : http://www.globalenskr.com/


Our Korean class is designed to provide practical Korean language education to students. We have organized a compact curriculum to educate practical Korean in a short period of time.


You can learn Korean ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.



[ Course description ]

  • Korean alphabet : Korean alphabet is the course through which learners can read and write every Korean sound

  • Beginner 1 : Beginner is the most basic grammar and vocabulary course necessary for daily life.

  • Beginner 2 : Beginner 2 deals with more systematic Korean words and grammar, such as self-introduction, school life, weekend activities, etc.

  • Intermediate 1 : Intermediate 1 provides practical expressions and grammar, You can speak natural Korean in your daily life.



[ Procedure ]

  • Application → Payment → Level Test → Notification from Global E&S → Attend Class



[ Payment ]

  • Once your application is confirmed by Google Form, you will receive an invoice through email



[ How to apply ]

- **https://forms.gle/DZMeUAAbPv1UHqQR8**



[ Contact us ]




< Warning >

※ Do NOT click the ‘Apply now’ button. Please take the survey through the Google Form link above and you will get an invoice through email. ※


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