3 Heart-Warming Sunset Spots In Korea

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By ENKOR

As the days got warmer, the sun stays up longer too. The sun looks much better in optimum weather especially during Spring or Fall. How about some sunset viewing session around Seoul? We have some nice spots for sunset viewing ready for you and you will definitely get to see some nice sunset shown in the photos below! Here is some sweet spots of Seoul’s best spots for sunset viewing.

1. Yongyudo Beach (용유도해변), Incheon


Instagram: hyoooooe

Look at the reddening sunset, Yeongjongdo Island is the place you will want to go if you want to see sunset along with the sea. Yongyudo Beach is one of many beaches in Yeongjongdo Island.


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Yeongjongdo Island reminds us of Eurwangni Beach first, next to Yeongyudo Beach, and next to it is the Masian Beach. All beaches are located at the western end, so you can see the beautiful sunset from everywhere.


As you look at the sea and talk about stuffs with your friend, partner, the sky began to turn red little by little. Along the red-colored sky, the mudflats turn red, and after the sky and mudflats turn all red, they face a picture-like sunset. On a day when the blue sky is clear, if you want to look at the sunset, Yeongjongdo Island is your go-to.

2. Sky Park (하늘공원), Mapo


You have seen this somewhere. The answer for the riddle is our “7 Places to take Instagrammable Shot in Korea” blog post. This place was introduced as one of the most famous places in Seoul for its pink shaded silver grass. But it is also a great place to see the sunset over the Hangang River. Take some instagrammable shots and enjoy some refreshing breeze and enjoy the majestic sunset before you call an end for a fruitful, fulfilling day. Banpo Hangang River Park

3. Banpo Hanriver Park (반포한강공원), Banpo


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Every hangang river park is beautiful yet has their own unique vibe and atmosphere to it. The Banpo Hangang River Park is one of the most famous hangang river park due to its location, with Gangnam situated below and Itaewon above. Besides, the park is huge and having exotic building structure which glows beautifully at dusk. It is a place where all people would go to when the weather is optimum to enjoy some refreshing breeze of Spring and Fall.


Instagram: hong_sool

Besides, during Fall, the park had the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market event. Within the designated period starting from April to October, this unique night market is organized on every weekend, Friday, and Saturday, 18:00 to 23:00. Not only food trucks that sells delicious street food, but there are also small stalls that sells exotic accessory, trendiest handmade craft items. Order some Fried Chicken and get a beer from the nearest convenience store and enjoy the breeze while looking at the sunset. When it’s becoming dusk, enjoy the river night city view before you call for a day.

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