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Celebrating Pride in Seoul 7/15 - 7/31

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Rachel

The 23rd annual Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF) is coming up starting on July 15th and ends July 31st! The slogan this year is

 “Live On, Stand Together, Go Onward!

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The Seoul Queer Parade was first held in 2000 under the name, “ Queer Culture Festival - Rainbow 2000,” and the official name that was settled on in 2018 as the “Seoul Queer Culture Festival." The Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF) is a series of open cultural events where people of all identities can mingle equally and enjoy. It is hosted y the organization Seoul Culture Festival Organizing Committee, which consists of volunteers. The the Korean Queer Film Festival is held during this time in conjuntion with the parade to celebrate love and diversity across Seoul. Other cities in Korea are starting to host similar festivals to celebrate pride. Daegu hosted its first festival in 2009 and Busan holding its first one in 2017.

Source: My Seoul Box

Since the Covid-19 outbreak the festival hasn't been able to be held, but this year it is coming back really strong with over 55 brands supporting and backing the parade with celebrity endorsements around 15,000-20,000 participants. This year is going to be extra special! Find out more history about the festival and how the queer community is coming more into the light in Korea and the media here

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The festival is held in a multitude of locations over the two week time frame. Each screening is scheduled for a certain time and place and is then poste on their website. To get more information about showing visit their website or any of their social media accounts listed below. 

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