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Enkor Stay Product Update - July 2022

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Tom

Since our last update a lot have changed so here we are again with an overview of the work we've done! Click here to see our previous update

A real one-stop shop!

We currently operate two pages, Enkor.kr and Stay.Enkor.kr . We realized that it could be confusing for you so we are gradually migrating all of our services to the Stay page.

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In our latest update we migrated our SIM Card service, you can now get your cheap monthly phone plans with an incredible welcome discount directly on the Stat page!

You can also visit the brand new Activity tab, new activities are coming really fast so stay on the look out, something may happen in August ;)

Welcome to our social medias!

We opened our social media! You can see our blog content and activity announcements on Facebook and Twitter. And you can discover new places and things to do on our Instagram. Follow us if you have a heart (we put a lot of love into them).

Screenshot_20220712-152016_Instagram.jpgThe easiest way to reach for us remains through our Kakaotalk, so if you have any questions or even recommendations we will be happy to hear them and help you so fell free to contact us (we don't bite).

And a lot more

We also kept improving our current pages:

Search - The house search is more user friendly and you can now see the availability of the rooms you are looking for.

Loading time - Pages load even faster.

Blog - Harmonization of the articles and more content added every week.

My account - You can now quickly view and monitor all your reservations and account details.

Global - Spelling mistakes


Thank you for using our services, see you soon with more exciting content!

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