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Etiquette Tips in Korea

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Emily

     As you coming to another country it’s important to respect the country that you are visiting, Korea is known for being polite and is big on respect for each other so here are some tips on etiquette that you can follow.





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     Starting with a greeting, you know in different countries there are different forms of greeting some may shake hands, wave, or even kiss on the cheeks well for Korea giving a bow is a form of greeting, which is also a huge sign of respect. As you see in the picture above slight bow is what is most commonly used, to say hi, thank you, etc. The salute is when greeting someone of higher status and the respectful bow is when you are usually being really apologetic which is rarely used.


Take off your shoes



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     To keep a clean house take off your shoes before you go into someone's house or a room because it’s not very hygienic after walking through the street.


Don’t write in red ink



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     Writing in red ink is used to write the names of those who past away so when writing someone's name who is alive has the meaning of wishing them dead. This is considered to be extremely rude so be sure to write in black or blue ink.


Give and Receive with two Hands



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     When you give something to somebody or received an item from somebody it is polite to use both of your hands and you do the same when shaking someone's hands or pouring a drink, if your pouring use both hands, and if you are receiving use both hands. When you start to build a friendship and get close then you can be able to accept things with one hand but to be on the safe side always use two hands.


No Tipping



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Tipping is not practiced here in Korea so it’s not necessary to tip. Although you may find some tipping jars area it is not mandatory to tip.

Be on time



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     Make sure to be on time for any event you go to because punctuality shows respect, so it’s vital to be aware of time while attending the occasion.


     In conclusion, these are some tips for integrating into Korean society, there is so much more to learn, but while you are in Korea starting with this can get you a long way.







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