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[Guide] Receiving Residence Card (ARC) in Korea

Updated on Mar 19, 2024 · By ENKOR

Applying for and receiving an Registration Card, formerly known as Alien Registration Card (ARC) is a necessary step for international students and other foreigners staying in Korea for more than 90 days. Here's a comprehensive guide based on the information from Yonsei University, Korea University, and various other sources:

1. Understand the Importance of ARC:

  • The ARC acts as an identification card for international students and other foreigners in Korea.
  • It's crucial to apply for the ARC to finalize your sojourn documentation even if you have received your visa, as staying in Korea for more than 90 days without registering is illegal.

2. When to Apply:

  • It's advisable to apply for the ARC as soon as you arrive in Korea, and definitely within 90 days from your date of entry.

3. Prepare the Necessary Documents:

  • Application form (available at or provided by the immigration office).
  • Passport and a copy of the passport ID page.
  • 1 Color photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm).
  • Proof of Residence (if living on-campus, a confirmation from the housing office; if off-campus, a copy of your rental contract).
  • Application fee of KRW 30,000.
  • If you are from certain countries, a medical check-up record for tuberculosis is required.

4. Initiate the Application Process:

  • Reserve a visit on under the Petition Application tab.
  • Alternatively, as of February 2023, you can apply at the Osan AMC Terminal Immigration window without an appointment, or book a date and time online if visiting a downtown Immigration Office.

5. Submit Your Application:

  • Visit your nearest Immigration Office in person to submit the application.
  • It might take approximately 6 weeks for the Immigration Office to process the application, during which period your passport will remain with the office.

6. Compliance with Re-Issuance or Changes:

  • If your ARC is lost, stolen, damaged, or if there are any changes in your details, you must apply for a re-issuance or report the changes within 14 days.

7. Maintain Valid Information:

  • Ensure all your details on the ARC are up-to-date, and report any changes, such as address or institution, to the local Immigration Office or online at within 14 days.

Lastly, it's advisable to check the most recent information at or contact the immigration hotline at 1345 (no area code needed) for any updates or further clarification on the application process.

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