How To Use Food Delivery Apps In Korea For Foreigners

Updated on Dec 28, 2023 · By ENKOR

Korea is famous for its efficient and quick food delivery service. This allows you to order any food you want anytime, anywhere. However, it might be difficult in the case of foreigners like you living in Korea who are not fluent in the local language. Nevertheless, if you’re not confident in your Korean speaking skills, there are some Korean food delivery apps available that can remove the language barrier and anxiety when ordering. Here’s a guide on how to use these food delivery apps in Korea.

1. Yogiyo Food Deliver (요기요)


Covered Area: All provinces in South Korea

Available Language: Korean (Phone App), English (Web, Google Translate)

It’s amazing to know that you can order any food anywhere and anytime here in South Korea, and this app does the magic. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular food delivery apps as it allows delivery almost anywhere in South Korea. The app is in Korean, but it supports the web version. As such, foreigners who are not confident in their Korean speaking skills can browse the Yogiyo website by translating the web page to English using Google Translate.

Every restaurant is categorized into food types for your convenience.

How to Use

  1. Create an account using a valid email address.
  2. Tap the address bar at the top to set your delivery location. By doing this, Yogiyo will locate you and show you the list of restaurants around you.
  3. Pick your restaurant. You can tap on the food type and locate your restaurant, or you can search for the restaurant name directly at the search bar.
  4. Browse through the “메뉴” (Menu) or the most popular menu section “인기메뉴” with pictures to make your decision easier.
  5. Check your shopping cart and tap “주문하기” (Order) or “결제하기” (Payment).
  6. Select your preferred payment method. You have two major options: on site or upon delivery. Tick “전체 동의” to agree to all terms and conditions and then hit “결제 하기” (Payment).

Available On
Yogiyo Android
Yogiyo iOS
Yogiyo Web Version

2. Baedal Minjok (배달의 민족)


Covered Area: All provinces in South Korea

Available Language: Only Korean (Phone App)

Baedal Minjok (Baemin) is also one of the most popular food delivery apps, with more than 140,000 restaurants registered on the platform. There is no English available on the app just like Yogiyo, and it does not support the web browser version. However, the ordering method is identical to that of Yogiyo, wherein you must create an account before you start ordering. The registration procedure is basically the same with Yogiyo.

Available On
배달의 민족 Android
배달의 민족 iOS

3. Coupang Eats Food Delivery (쿠팡 이츠)

Covered Area: Seoul Metropolitan Area

Available Language: English and Korean (Phone App)

Coupang Eats is brand new to the market, but it is quickly becoming one of the top food delivery apps. The reason? It is due to its amazing delivery speed wherein every delivery comes within 15–20 min, without fail. Besides paying the order via the app, you can track the delivery in real time. If you have trouble with Korean, Coupang Eats could be your go-to because it supports English.

Available On
Coupang Eats Android
Coupang Eats iOS
Coupang Eats Web Version

Among all the apps we have introduced, it is important to note that you are unable to pay via the app or website if you don’t have a Korean bank account. In that case, you can choose to pay upon delivery, via cash, or via credit card.

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