How To Use Seoul Bike As Foreigners & Tourists

Updated on Sep 08, 2023 · By ENKOR

Although it is so convenient to travel around at ease in Seoul with its amazing transportation system, sometimes you just wish to take a stroll or use any other transportation measure to get out of the “ordinary”. Not only the subway or bus is well organized, other short distance transportation rental such as bicycle is also well developed. Heading to school, office or meeting up with friends, could be quicker by bus or subway to get there directly but coming out from their house earlier and grabing a bicycle instead has becoming a trend for the locals for the past 2-3 years.

So, is there a bicycle you can rent even as a foreigner or as a tourist? Even without your residence card? Seoul Bike did the miracle and provide such services not only to the locals, but also for the foreigners and tourists who wish to travel around Seoul by bike while sight-seeing for a whole different experience.

How to Purchase a Pass

First! Log onto the Seoul bike website or download the app called 서울자전거 따릉이 (Seoul Public Bike).

For website

Step 1.

Check the map for the nearest station and availability of bikes and press “Buy Ticket”


Step 2.

Press “Purchase a Pass”


Step 3.

Read through all the info displayed and check all the items, before choosing the Classification of vouchers based on your need.


Step 4.

Proceed to pay it using your credit card.

For app

Step 1.

On the first screen, press “Foreigner”, the application will be automatically translated in English


Step 2.

Press “Map” at the bottom left to look for the nearest station and availability of bikes


Step 3.

Press “Purchase” pass


Step 4.

Choose your Classification of vouchers


Step 5.

Fill in the info and press “Pay amount”, then proceed to pay it using a Credit card


Upon successful payment, you shall receive a 8-digit registration code.

You can see the fees structure below:


Now, how to use?

Standard Bike

Step 1. With the successful payment and receiving the 8-digit code, proceed to the nearest station.

Step 2. Press the power button on the screen of the bike and you will be prompted to press the first 4 digits of the code received and then the last 4 digits of the code.

Step 3. Remove the lock located on the side of the bike, and pull it out. You’re good to go!


QR Bike

Seoul Bike app Ddareunggi (따릉이) implemented a new system with QR codes to further simplify the rental process. The standard bikes were replaced to make the reservation process more convenient for users.


Purchase a pass and scan the QR code on the bike. With just these 2 easy steps, the lock will open automatically (the green lock went up)! The standard bikes require a password for rental and have to be locked at the docking station to end the rental session. However, QR bikes can just be returned at QR bike rental spots or any docking station without having to lock it into the docking station just by sliding down the green lock on the left.

KakaoTalk_20210706_163721765_01-2048x1833.jpeg*Locked status*

What If I Need To Stop My Bike Somewhere Quick?

There is a lock installed on the bike. Unravel the cable lock which is located on the left-hand side of the bike, secure it around any nearby tree or fence and reconnect it into the slot located on the right-hand side of the bike. Go and do what you must, once you need to unlock it, just re-enter your 8-digits code and you’re good to go again.


Done Using It? You Gotta Return It!

Step 1. Find the nearest docking station via the app or the website. Please note that you don’t have to return the bike to the same station you rented it from. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Step 2. Look for any available rack, pull the lock and insert it into the slot located on the right-hand side of the bike. Lock it in and confirm it’s properly attached. Carefully put it in or else you will be charged additional fees of 1000 KRW every 30 minutes after the original rental period!



What If The Docking Station Is Full?

Don’t panic, you can still return it. Connect another docked bike’s white lock to your bike right side slot! And that’s it. Again, make sure it’s attached well or else you will be charged additional fees.

That’s basically everything for renting a Seoul Bike, it is actually way simpler than you might have imagined! Taking a bicycle and moving around the city has became a huge trend here in Korea, especially when the weather is good.

Check out our next blog as well for more info on how cycling along the Han river park during a good weather has became one of the most common things in a daily Korean life.

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