BTS J-Hope takes Lollapalooza

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Rachel

Army fans around the world are gearing up to see J-Hope from BTS headline at the upcoming music festival Lollapaloza at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on July 31st. The music festival is being held July 28th - July 31st with a variety of extremely talented artists including Tomorrow X Together which is managed by the same production company as BTS and J-Hope. TXT will be performing on Saturday of the festival. The complete line-up is as follows: 

# New Music

After J-Hope released his hit single, 'More' on July 1st as a preview to his new album, 'Jack in the Box,' within 12 days it reached 82 on the billboard top 100. Since his album was released on July 15th all 10 of the songs on J-Hope's new album are on the top 100 Itunes charts. Along with this, he has released the music video for ‘More’ on Youtube which has a total of 43 million views already which was released nearly two weeks ago and the video ‘Arson’ which was released 3-days ago already has 15 million views. 

It's exciting to see what opportunities this new wave of music will bring to this young talented musician and where do you think we will see him next? 


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