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Spending some leisure time at the Han River Park is one of the most common things that locals do when the weather is good and optimum. Spring, Summer or Autumn to be specific, you will see a lot of locals go to the Han River to enjoy the warm sunlight, along with the nice refreshing breeze from time to time. There are several stuff to do at the Han River Park, but we’re going to start with riding a bike. You can enjoy the unique scenery of the seasons while riding a bicycle along the river. Green grass and tree leaves for Summer, beautiful and colorful flowers as they bloom during the Spring, and the autumn scenery with reeds and silver grass. The Han River is about 106 kilometers long, just once along the bike path. The difficulty and scenery are different from road to road, so choosing a course is more important than anything else.

If you go to any Han river park, you would find bicycle rental station. There are various type of bike from single, to couple bike and also kids’ bike for rent at their own respective pricing. The rental is usually for 1 hour, you can rent more hours as you please!




Different bike rental station has slightly different pricing, usually priced at 3,000 KRW for 1 hour. And for couple bike, it usually priced at 6,000 KRW for an hour. You can check out the rental charge menu at the rental station.


Besides, normally bike must be return before 8pm and you will have to return it to the original rental station. However, that work different for Seoul Bike 따릉이 . Which you will see a lot of locals rented Seoul Bike instead of the bike from Han River bike rental station. Reason being that it’s cheaper and has more flexibility in terms of returning the bike. But depending on the situation, if you’re on a date, you might want to consider renting the couple bike instead.

Check out our guide on how to rent a Seoul bike for your Han River cycling!

How to use Seoul Bike as foreigners & tourist


Learn more about how to use Seoul bike

Top 4 Recommended Cycling Course

Follow the reed and the silver grass – Cheonho Bridge to Jamsil Bridge (5km)

A good road to run in autumn. The Cheonho Bridge-Jamsil Bridge course is the most beautiful at this time of year. There are colorful autumn leaves everywhere, so there is a taste. There is a wide lawn along the bike path, adding to the leisurely atmosphere.

It also has a beautiful walkway. Amsa Ecological Park, which borders Cheonho Bridge, has a walkway decorated like a trail. Various maple trees are dense, and bird observatories are also available to view migratory birds and waterfowl.

Riding while feeling the river wind – Seongsan Bridge to Mapo Bridge Course (5km)

It is a course where you can enjoy the river wind with cool scenery because it is open without obstacles. The section from Seongsan Bridge to Yanghwa Bridge has many straight roads that stretch out, suitable for riders who enjoy speed riding.

Above all, it is fun to see the scenery from east to west. While riding, you can enjoy the panorama of Namsan Mountain, Bamseom Island in the Han River, and Seoul’s high-rise buildings.

Bicycle paths for evening ride – Yeouido Hangang Park to Saetgang Ecological Park Course (8km)

It’s a good course to take for an evening ride. Yeouido Dulle-gil, which runs about 8km from Yeouido Han River Park to Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park, is flat and bright along the trail.

Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park, the starting point, is also a popular place for children’s natural learning and family outing.

Romantic riding – Banpo Bridge to Han River Bridge Course (4km)

It is famous for a bicycle date spot. The course starts from Banpo Bridge to Han River Bridge offers a clear view during the day, a gentle river breeze, and a beautiful night view at night. Banpo Hangang Park is famous for its night view of the Han River, so you can often see couples enjoying bicycle dates. Especially at night, Sebit Island next to Banpo Han Park is beautiful.

The lights on the outer wall of Sebit Island, which changes color every minute, are colorful, and the flower-shaped sculpture “Breathing Flower” is also unique.

One more interesting fact, you can order food delivery at the Han River Park!

This is also one of the most common culture the locals do while enjoying some convenience stores food as well. For the locals, when the word Han River pops up in their head, the first thing that crosses their mind is the Han River instant noodles. Basically, just instant noodles. Boiling it and bringing to the side of the Han River, having the warm broth of the instant noodles while enjoying the chill breeze of the river wind is indeed, very “chilling”. What’s next to some nice instant noodles? It’s the famous Korean Fried Chicken with some nice chill beer.


Now How To Order?

Just use any food delivery app you know like Coupang Eats, Yogiyo or Baedal Minjok! Turn on your location on and order it right away. “I’m a foreigner, I can’t pay online” No worries, you can just choose “Pay on spot”.

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