Living in Korea: Yonsei Summer School - Katniss

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Tom

Today we continue this summer school series with Katniss!


Why did you choose to take this summer class?

Because I am into Kpop and I major in Korean. So originally Yonsei university originally said that they offered courses related to K-pop study but it was a lie, they didn't open these courses! And it has been a long while since I've come to Korea for travel so I really wanted to visit there again but at the time the only way I had to come back was to study so I said ok I'm gonna study here! 

So far are you satisfied with your life in Korea?

Yeah except for the stairs… there are so many stairs! They don't have a lot of elevators or something like that, that is the main issue in Korea.

20220629_200606.jpgStairs hell at a subway station

Is the nightlife any different here than in Hong Kong?

I think the clubs here are great, we went to Itaewon only once and the club was actually pretty bad but it was fun! I forgot the name, it started with a M… MA something? I never went to a club in Hong Kong because it would be a little bit awkward but here nobody knows me and they can't speak Cantonese so it's ok. 

Is there anything you want to say to foreigners that are thinking about coming to Korea?

I think they need to be good at eating spicy food because I'm not very good at it and I don't have many choices. And if you want to go to concerts you have to take the tickets super quickly. I wanted to go to Seventeen's concert but I couldn't grab the tickets! Same for the Waterbomb festival in Seoul…

seventeen members.jpegSource: AllKpop - Seventeen

Thank you for reading and keep up for the next, and last part of this series with Diana, a Korean - Hong Konger!

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