Living in Korea: Yonsei Summer School - Kelly

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Tom

Today is the first out of three small interviews we had with 3 friends that came together in Korea and are staying with Enkor for the summer! They are from Hong Kong and are majoring in Korean studies. If they came in Seoul, it is mainly to immerse in this culture they like so much. Our first interviewee is Kelly.


Why did you come to Korea?

I came here to try to speak more Korean and to directly experience the culture and learn about it in class. Back home this kind of class wasn't available, it was more about politics and economics. Being here allows me to learn more than if I just sat in a classroom.

Is life much different here than in Hong Kong?

It's so much more interesting than Hong Kong, back there people go out for dinner, watch a movie and then go back home. But here Korean people have more choices, going to the karaoke (노래방) or the Korean sauna (찜질방)… We also have karaokes in Hong Kong but I prefer the ones here, probably because I am more into Kpop. And going out in Hong Kong has been hard for the last 2 years because of the COVID so life here is really refreshing.

Have you gone out of Seoul for travel, concerts, etc?

I went to Jeju with my friends, we did horse riding together and ate a lot a lot of food. I really like spicy food and I loved the kimchi stew (김치찌개) there. 

2508066891_903939d26c_k.jpgSource: Flikr - Kimchi Stew

And I haven't gone to a concert yet but I am going to see Super Junior this month!

Is there anything you dislike about living here?

Transportation, I don't like it because public transports end early and it is sometimes dangerous to cross the road, the drivers are wild!

See you soon with our next interviewee that hates stairs, Katniss!

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