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Another Cannes Win For Park Chan Wook (Best Director)

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Tom

Park Chan Wook just won the Best Director award at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this weekend!
His new movie Decision to Leave (헤어질 결심) seduced the jury, it is his third Cannes breakthrough after the Grand Prix for OldBoy (올드보이) in 2003 and the Jury Prize in 2009 for his horror movie Thirst (박쥐).

A master strikes again

Decision to Leave is a romantic comedy that is way less violent and subversive than his previous movies. When asked about this tonal shift, he replies “I've really made romance films so far. Frankly, I want to call them romantic comedies”.

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I am a huge fan of Park's work, OldBoy deeply impacted me as it dared to cross the "morally-right" line and The Handmaiden was one of the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, every shot captured the intensity of the scenes and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! If you do not know his work yet, I would recommend you to start by watching these two, OldBoy for the violence and powerful scenes that stay with you a long time after watching it, and The Handmaiden for the masterful quality of the camera work, his visually most accomplished piece so far in my opinion. 

corridor scene oldboy.jpegOh Daesu chilling after eating his dumplings - OldBoy

Synopsis & Release Date

A detective falls for the charms of the mysterious widow of a man that fell to his death, his passion grows as she becomes the prime suspect in his murder investigation. 

decision-to-leave-trailer.pngClick on the picture for the teaser :)

Decision to leave will be released in Korea on the 29th of June, I can't wait to see it! If you are not in Korea at the time you will still have to wait a little bit as MUBI planned a theatrical release in autumn this year (for North America, the UK, Ireland, India and Turkey).

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