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'Top Gun: Maverick' Tops Korean Box Office

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Tom

Tom Cruise and his co-stars came to promote Top Gun: Maverick last week in Seoul. It his his tenth visit there and he expressed his gratitude towards Korean fans that followed him since day 1!

A Long Awaited Sequel

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The first instalment of the franchise was a huge success and quickly became a cult-classic. Fans all over the world have been begging for a sequel for the last 38 years, but Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer (the producer) did not want to put out a meaningless sequel “Jerry and I, we agreed that we are not going to stop until we get it right […] I don’t ever want to disappoint fans.” Cruise stated. 
After a lot of thinking the movie got announced in 2017: it will be released in 2019. Or will it? The production got delayed just enough for the release date to be pushed back to 2020, and we all know what would happen then. The movie kept being postponed because of the pandemic for two long years, yet finally the bomb was launched: the movie will premiere in the Cannes Film Festival on May 18 2022, for a worldwide release the next week. But for Korean fans the movie wouldn't come for another month.

A box office hit

The movie was an immediate success, and eventually reached the very exclusive “1 billion box-office club”. And its run in Korea so far is no different; on its first weekend, Top Gun: Maverick attracted more than 1 million fans to the big screen and ranked first every single day since its release. This is a hundred times more than the total run of the first instalment in 1987!
It arrival in Korea was delayed because of the restrictions only being lifted in May, this run is a fresh breath to the local film industry that has greatly suffered during the pandemic. 

Top Gun fed a whole generation with dreams and made them speachless in front of the high intensity fly scenes. And I am happy that this generation, for the most part, absolutely loved Maverick, the Imax enhanced experience is once again a breakthrough in terms of imagery and user experience. My dad was a fan of the first and he loved the second, that is all that matters to me!

Synopsis & Trailer

After three decades of service in the Air Force, Maverick is a test pilot for new aircrafts. He is mandated to train an elite group of aviators for a dangerous mission.

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