Where To Order Your SIM Card In Korea

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Settling in Korea can be quite challenging, paperwork is quite heavy so you will need to rely on a friend to help you goin through it. This is exactly what ENKOR is here for!

In Korea if you want to order food, play League Of Legends, or even certify that you are of age to watch your favorite Youtube video (many are considered inappropriate for minors) you will need a local phone number. To get this number through a regular monthly plan you will need to show a Korean ID and a Korean bank account, which will leave you in the 20th century for more than a month!

Whether you are looking for a prepaid card or for a foreigner-friendly monthly plan keep on reading ;)

jouwen-wang-AjnlDGKLrdY-unsplash.jpgIf you miss good old times, you can use these old phone booth scattered all around Seoul


Pick It Up At Incheon Airport!


[IMPORTANT] These SIM Cards cannot grant you access to Korean applications that need an ID verification


There are two main rental centers you can find inside Incheon Airport:

Terminal 1 Gate 9~10

Terminal 2 Gate 4~5


There you will be able to get prepaid card in different forms. They all will give access to unlimited data but you can also add local calls and texts. The SIM Card duration is usually ranging from 5 to 30 days.

KT, SK and LG U+ are the main telecom companies in Korea, they also collaborate on a project called Korea SIM specialised in prepaid SIM cards for inbound travelers. Note that for a month the prices usually range from 60 000 KRW to 75 000 KRW. You can compare them and order your card online for a little discount and the convenience to pick it up directly at the airport:

| KT | SK | LG U+ | Korea SIM |


You can also opt for a "WiFi Egg", it looks like a little external battery that will grant you WiFi when you turn it on. It could be a better option for small groups that stay together most of the time.


Convenience Stores Give Convenient Cards!


[IMPORTANT] These SIM Cards cannot grant you access to Korean applications that need an ID verification


You can find SIM Cards available in most convenience stores so you can get one whenever you feel the sudden urge to have data.


However this option is a bit more complicated as you will need to explain exactly what you need to the clerk which will most likely not talk in English. Moreover you will need to go over some paperwork in Korean so we highly recommend you to get help from a local friend if you prefer to get one this way.

Is ENKOR SIM Service For Me?


We provide many services to facilitate your life in Korea, one of the most important of which must be our SIM card service. To get your SIM card with Enkor you do not need to wait, nor go through endless paper work.

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We offer various data plans adapted to your needs with an incredible discount. One of the cheapest in Korea!

You can pay with your favorite mean of payment, we support Visa, Mastercard and all the other international credit cards you can think of!

Just send us your ARC ID when you receive it and we will take care of everything. Your phone number will promptly grant you access to all the Korean services like Coupang, Korean delivery apps, online payment, etc.


Get simcard action.jpg###

How To Order My SIM Card?

  • Log in and visit our dedicated page
  • Fill in your information and upload your passport
  • Don't forget to tick the "Born before 2002-05-09" box!
  • Pick your plan and add a coupon - to never miss our special offers make sure to follow us on social media! -
  • Fill in the delivery information - be extra careful not to enter a wrong delivery address -
  • Read (if you dare) and agree to our terms & conditions policy
  • You can now proceed to checkout


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Now that your order is complete you can review it on "My Page" > "SIM Card".

Your SIM card will arrive to your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days. Then you will need to enter your serial number to your ENKOR account and we will make sure to activate it within two days!

And there you have it, your own customized plan ready in less than a week instead of one to two months! For the delivery to be even more efficient we advise you to place your order just before your departure to Korea.

I Want To Recharge My SIM Card

It is very easily done, you will simply have to:

All that's left is to Enjoy Korea with us!

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