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Enkor Story EP.2 : Hey! First Time in Seodaemun Prison?

Updated on Mar 29, 2024 · By ENKOR

Interview: A Visit to Seodaemun Prison with FIP

Hello. My name is sofia. I came from Mexico as an exchange student and I am 21 years old.

IMG_2706.jpg With FIP members!

Why did you decide to join the event visiting Seodaemun Prison?

I was drawn to this tour because it was something I hadn’t encountered before. 
Usually, I come across social media videos or group posts about visiting popular spots in Seoul like Namsan Tower, Han River, and Lotte World. 
However, Seodaemun Prison was new to me, sparking my curiosity and excitement. Moreover, I enjoy exploring new places with a group, so this seemed like a fantastic opportunity.

Were you aware of Seodaemun Prison beforehand?

No, this was the first time I'd ever heard of it, and I knew nothing about it.

How was the experience from a foreigner's perspective?

Seeing the architectural contrast was particularly fascinating. 
Coming from Mexico, I’ve never visited a prison but have an idea of their appearance from videos and photos. 
The prison's architecture was noticeably different. 
I recall discussing with someone on the tour how unexpectedly pleasant and cool the place seemed, despite its grim history. 
This starkly contrasts with other prisons I've seen in America, especially in South America, which was quite a shock to me.

Additionally, the history of Japan and Korea was a revelation. As a foreigner, my knowledge of Korea's struggle for independence was limited, but the tour was an eye-opener about the extent of suffering endured. 
My country, Mexico, has its own tales of independence from Spain, featuring various forms of torture. 
However, the hardships Koreans faced were unimaginable and profoundly moving.

Learning about Korea's history and hearing these stories, even as a foreigner, I felt a surge of pride and gratitude towards those who fought for their country. 
It was a moment of deep cultural connection, echoing the struggle for independence that we, Mexicans, have also experienced.

Would you recommend this to others?

Absolutely, I would urge everyone to participate, especially in a group. It’s a unique chance to delve deeper into Korean history. 
While popular tourist spots offer their own charm, this experience gives you a profound appreciation for those places and forges a deeper connection with the culture and society of Korea, making it all the more real and enjoyable.

This is basic information about Seodaemun prison.
스크린샷 2024-03-29 153946.png source: seodaemun prison history hall`

If you want to know more information about this place? 
Official site: Seodaemun prison history hall

How was it meeting people from FIP?

Meeting the FIP crowd was incredibly fun. As an exchange student seeking new connections in Seoul, FIP was the most welcoming group I've encountered. 
Everyone was engaging no one felt left out. 
They were genuinely nice and enjoyable to spend time with.


What aspects of FIP were you happy or unhappy with?

I was completely satisfied with the overall experience and the people. 
Nothing bothered me at all. 
The group's outgoing and inclusive nature was refreshing, and the ease of conversation boosted my confidence. 
The event was well-organized and everything proceeded smoothly.


Why would you recommend or not recommend FIP?

I highly recommend joining a FIP activity if you get the chance.
Being part of FIP is an enjoyable way to immerse in Korean culture and experience a diversity of cultures from around the globe. 
It's an excellent opportunity to make new friends, explore interesting places, and create unforgettable memories. 
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