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Helpful Recycling/Appliances Tips in Korea

Updated on Aug 29, 2023 · By Emily

     Living far from home can be a very scary thing, and accommodating yourself to remembering all the rules and regulations of another country can be hard at times, so here are some tips and guides to living in Korea.




     Recycling is a very big and important thing in Korea since plastic is the main element used in Korea, To keep the streets from being polluted the items that need to be recycled are the following :



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Plastic- PET bottles/containers, food packaging, or vinyl

Paper- magazines, newspapers, printing paper, paper bags, and boxes

Metals- cans, aluminum, iron wires, spray cans, and bottle caps

Glass- beer, liquors, and soda bottles

*The item that cannot be recycled are the following :

plastic coated item


toxic material items

glass other than beer, soda, liquor bottles

oil and paint containers

Keep in mind that there is no trash can in the streets so try not to eat or drink while out because you will most likely be carrying your trash with you until you get home.


Household Appliances



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Trying to use household appliances can be a tricky thing especially when you are from a different country. But once you learn it becomes very easy. The link below will give you detailed instructions on how to use these appliances effectively. 👇






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