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Your Essential Pre-Korea Reading List

Updated on Mar 19, 2024 · By ENKOR

Getting ready to set foot in South Korea? This vibrant East Asian destination is a blend of modern skyscrapers, serene palaces, and spicy kimchi. But before you jet off, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with a few local quirks to make your sojourn smooth sailing. Here’s a compilation of crucial tidbits, grouped in a neat little package, courtesy of a series of insightful blogs from Stay ENKOR.

Getting Around

Korea's roads are a maze, but with the right apps, you can navigate them like a local. Learn the ropes of using Kakao Maps and Naver Maps to turn into a Korean road warrior. When it comes to hopping on the public transport, a well-oiled integrated transfer system awaits you. However, if you prefer a more private ride, ensure you’re not being taken for a ride with these tips on avoiding overcharges when using taxis.

Gastronomic Adventures

If your idea of a good time involves tantalizing your taste buds, Korea's food delivery scene is your playground. Get the lowdown on how to order food using delivery apps and turn your Korean food fantasy into a reality.

Retail Therapy

After indulging in retail therapy, getting some cash back can be the cherry on top. Discover the step-by-step guide on how to get your tax refund in Seoul and keep that wallet chubby.

Finding Your Nest

Your Korean haven awaits, but finding the right roof can be quite the quest. Navigate through the housing market with this guide to finding the right housing in South Korea.

Staying Connected

In a digital world, staying connected is not a luxury, but a necessity. Learn where to order your SIM card in Korea to keep the conversation going.

Healthcare and Living Tips

Your well-being is the real wealth, get acquainted with healthcare benefits in South Korea. And for a smoother sail through the Korean day-to-day, here are all the living tips you should know.

The Convenience Store Chronicles

Korea is a haven for convenience store enthusiasts. Discover why the local convenience stores are a realm of their own and what makes them a must-visit.

With these kernels of wisdom, you're now one step closer to blending in like a local in the Korean tapestry. So pack your bags, bookmark these guides, and get ready to take Korea by storm!

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